We create powerful progressive web apps to optimize your business workflows.

Glide apps take a refreshingly different approach to app distribution by eschewing the need for traditional App Store downloads. Instead, Glide creates what’s known as a Progressive Web Application, or PWA for short. PWAs are essentially web applications that provide a user experience akin to native apps but are accessed through simple web links. This means that users can interact with your app without the cumbersome process of searching, downloading, and installing it from an app store.

One of the key advantages of Glide’s PWAs is the ease with which users can add them to their home screens. By simply tapping an option, they can create custom home screen icons for your app. This approach ensures that launching your app becomes almost as intuitive and quick as opening a native app.

Moreover, PWAs offer a distinct advantage when it comes to updates. Unlike native apps that often require users to manually update through their respective app stores, PWAs can be updated effortlessly in the background. This means that your app can receive enhancements, bug fixes, and new features without requiring users to take any action. This seamless update process not only saves users time but also keeps your app up-to-date with the latest improvements, providing a frictionless and satisfying user experience.
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